You’re a builder, so here’s how we go to work for you:

On-call to do the final clean-up after major structural stages. We know how to view a work site from a tenant point of view. Small things matter to tenants. You do not want a missed tape removal or a hard-to-spot debris pile to throw a deal off.

Bridge the gap from “just finished” to “looks perfect.” To you, the big stuff is done and you need to get on to the next project, but what if there’s a small fix? CPS workers are post-building pros you can call to get small fixes repaired, odd smells removed or a missed detail piece installed according to the original building plan.

Getting the project up and then getting on to the next build up is your job. At CPS, we’re always ready to swoop in and get the “clean up” done so you’re ready to lease. We’ll do post-build inspections at every stage, from initial “rough in” haul-away” tasks, to drywall installation and final interior finish fixes, to detailed “final clean, ready to lease” touches. There is never a delay in getting property ready to market when you have Complete Property Services as your building partner.

When property-related concerns are part of your concern, CPS has the resources and expertise you can turn to. Not knowing your specific needs and not being responsive to your bottom-line is the last thing you want to face. Our history of working with all facets of the business in a true partnership relationship will give you the assurances you expect. Call us, and it’s always “One Call. All Done.”

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