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Buy and Hold is the Way to Go

Whether it be a new business concept, a new invention, or real estate, most investors are looking, right off the bat, for ROI (Return on Investment) before they put down their cash on a deal. It might sound like a great investment up front, but if they don’t foresee a good ROI, they will not be interested to invest. Same goes for everyday folks, we are looking to put our money into something that will turn a profit.

As a Kansas City based business, we believe in educating people about investing in the housing market, and especially here in KC. Most people, including HGTV’s show FLIP or FLOP, talk about making a profit on flipping homes and just focus on that. Although that is well and true that you can make a profit off of flipping, we want to share some great benefits to buy and hold property in Kansas City. Not as many people think about buy and hold properties, but there are great ROI opportunities that we are about to talk about.

Let’s talk.

I’m going to list a few of the benefits to buy and hold properties in Kansas City. Ready. Set. Read.

  1. Passive Investments – Buy and Hold property in Kansas City real estate has the ability to provide a much higher return than say stocks, bonds, etc.
  2. High Leverage – This is one of the few ways that you can walk into a bank and ask for $800,000 to invest against maybe $200,000 of your cash. If you asked for that kind of money for stocks or gold, they’d probably laugh at you!
  3. High ROI – Just as I mentioned before, due to the high leverage, you are able to leverage to have a higher cash flow coming back in every month. Also, looking at appreciation of your assets. It can appreciate as a whole, rather than just the amount of money you put down as a down payment.
  4. Principle Pay down – Simply put, your tenant can pay down your mortgage while still providing you with extra cash flow each month. It’s a win-win.
  5. Tax Benefits – Any type of deductions are always helpful. Ownership allows for tax deductions on appreciation of property and deduction of mortgage insurance.

Are you convinced? If not, give us a shout. We’d love to talk with you more about how to buy and hold property in Kansas City.

Happy Father’s Day from Complete Property Services!

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