The ‘Property Cousins’ of Kansas City

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The ‘Property Cousins’ of Kansas City

We all know the Property brothers on HGTV. They are a famous duo who sells real estate and helps with remodeling and creating income property owners. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Property Cousins, as well, at least nationally. But, you have yet to meet the property cousins of Kansas City. They are equipped to be able to be ‘Complete Property Services’ for the real estate market of Kansas City, which is what they created and launched in 2007.

Complete Property Services was born out of a desire to have a service that covers everything concerning the Real Estate market. A one stop shop. They did it too. You name it, they do it! They have successfully pioneered a path and created a roadmap for investors to be able to come into Kansas City, invest, and have every service needed at their disposal, to be able to flip or hold onto an investment property (or properties) without being from or residing in this fine Midwestern City. They are the property cousins of Kansas City. They are an awesome duo, easy to work with and full of knowledge.

Complete Property Services of Kansas City has created room for you to invest here in the Midwest. They can get you what you are needing at the price you are wanting it at. They can manage your property or help you restore and flip it while helping you put a sizable amount of cash back in your pocket. This business is about money, but it’s also about ease and creating momentum. What is a deal if you can’t continue to make them? The owners want to make sure that you not only are able to invest in KC but that you find it worth your time to continue investing. They believe in customer service and making things convenient for the investor. Integrity is a big part of how they operate and with this thriving economy, they want to network and create good relationships to help you to not only invest but to continue to want to partner with them in investing in the Kansas City market.

Two dudes. Two cousins. Who are they?

Brett Moraine is a level-headed guy with an awesome personality. He will set you at ease and make you laugh. Brett likes to joke around with Jason and when you watch them work, you will laugh at the way they interact. They are a lot of fun when they’re together and very open-minded to new ways of doing things. That is why they’re so successful at what they do.

Jason Hawk is a thinker. He is always thinking up ways to better himself, his family and his business. He is not a joker. He takes things serious, because he believes in doing things right and staying focused but, he loves hanging out and working with his cousin. He takes his jokes and rolls with the punches, finding lightheartedness in all of it. His laugh sets the mood for a good old time.

These two know what it takes to run a business and have put themselves out there helping many to begin to invest in the Midwest.

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