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Flip or Hold; Real Estate Lingo

Financing a Kansas City property investment is a huge step for those who have never considered investing in the Midwest region of the US. There is a lot of investing going on in different parts of the country, but only recently has Kansas City been brought to the attention of investors. There has to be much consideration given when it comes to the question of where to invest money and when to flip or hold a property. It is a big business throughout the US and has formed its own rules and lingo.

Let’s take a look at a couple words used as ‘lingo’ when talking about a Kansas City property investment.

First, there is what we call holding. There are two types of holding. There is a “hold” that is placed on an order to protect the buyer or seller. It is used as a check and balance system, which makes sure that the price is fair and everything meets the criteria of buying or selling a home. Within 48 hours, a hold can be released to the buyer and the deal is then completed. The other type of hold comes in play when an investor buys a property but then holds it for the purpose of using it as investment property. They own the property but use it as a rental property, which allows them to make money over a long period of time instead of instantly.

“Flip” comes into play when an investor buys a house specifically for the purpose of remodeling it and putting it back on the market right away. This process is used, by the investor, to make as much profit as possible on each individual sell and as quickly as possible. Playing this game of chance can give you the biggest bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time. It has become such a fine art, that there isn’t much left to chance anymore.

So, as you can see, there is the question of “where to invest” and then the question of “whether to flip or hold” a property once you possess it. Now, that you understand these terms, would you consider being part of a Kansas City property investment? It would be our pleasure to show you around this part of the country. Kansas City has a lot to offer and is a great place to flip properties or hold onto them. Kansas City has a Property Management Company to help manage the properties that have been purchased in this area. We are in a new year, 2016. It is an exciting time to invest KC!



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