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Growth behind KC

The recent headline in the Kansas City Star went like this, “Kansas City metropolitan area thumps St. Louis in new population growth.” New population data from the U.S. Census Bureau show the two largest metropolitan regions in Missouri growing at far different paces. It seems we are listed as one of the more attractive places to live and as having some of the fastest growing suburbs. This is a great boost for Kansas City real estate along with the many other things I will list down below. Due to all these things, as a city, we will draw continued growth as people research where to make their next move.

“The burgeoning technology scene here in Kansas City’s Crossroads is a big reason why Missouri is a nationally recognized leader in high-tech jobs and innovation,” Nixon said. “By balancing budgets and making smart investments in education and entrepreneurship, we will continue to move Kansas City and the entire state forward.”

“Kansas City offers a unique combination of a skilled talent pool along with a central location,” Saklani, CEO and Co-founder of Pramata, said. “It’s the ideal place to anchor our U.S. expansion and a fantastic base from which to serve our customers.” Pramata, a San Fransisco Bay Company has relocated in Kansas City in the Crossroads district and has shared with us one of the many things that is attracting a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners to KC.

There is an incentive that has actually been laid out by Kansas City to attract businesses, business owners, and young entrepreneurs to this City. The project is called the LaunchCode and is a nonprofit effort. It was started in St. Louis and helps train tech talent and match it with internships and job openings. Just last year, LaunchCode got a similar grant to start its efforts in Kansas City. We are so excited to welcome it and look forward to what it will offer this city.

Making Kansas City “America’s most entrepreneurial city” is one of the big 5 goals of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, and Mayor Sly James joined in on these efforts and announcements that were made recently.

As the icing on the cake, KC streetcar initiative for better transportation has become a fantastic new project launched here in KC. Locals and tourists, all throughout the City, have been so excited to hop aboard and take a ride across the North side of the plaza, running from the Union Station down to the River Market. It has been a big hit. Then, there is the cherries on top. Sprint’s new move was to give downtown KC free wifi. Now, you can sit or stand anywhere downtown and have free wifi. GOOGLE Fiber recently chose KC as a central location to set up shop and launch their internet and we love having it here. Last but not at all least, the Royals won the World Series (GO Royals!). These are countless reasons for the Kansas City real estate market to take off, besides the fact that we are ranked one of the top in the country to raise a family.

Being in the Midwest, our prices on homes are already at a very reasonable rate, at least on the Missouri side. It’s a great place for investors to start investing, especially while the movement is just beginning. This is a prime time to get involved and get into the Kansas City real estate market. We are moving only forward from here, my friend. I wouldn’t miss out or you will be sorry you did! #investKC #prairievalley

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