You insure property, so here’s how we go to work for you:

Serve as your on-site reviewer of damage/claims. Our years of “boots on the ground” in keeping property marketplace perfect mean we’re good at diagnosing potential problems. This helps prevent future claims and keeps insurance costs down.

Repair of damage according to local codes and regulations. We keep up to date on local codes wherever we work, and the subcontractors in our network are pre-approved and set to go from our “ready to respond” list.

Working hand-in-hand with insurance companies takes special needs – and CPS knows how to work hand-in-hand with required documentations and industry regulations. We meet all professional insurance requirements. We’ll be one-step ahead, ensuring back to original condition – or better – regardless of damage type or maintenance requirement.

When property-related concerns are part of your concern, CPS has the resources and expertise you can turn to. Not knowing your specific needs and not being responsive to your bottom-line is the last thing you want to face. Our history of working with all facets of the business in a true partnership relationship will give you the assurances you expect. Call us, and it’s always “One Call. All Done.”

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