You’re a property manager/owner, so here’s how we go to work for you:

On-call response that ensures a service plan is in place within 24 hours. We understand Kansas City property management is a challenge. Keeping your tenants satisfied means they know you will respond quickly and with the appropriate services and products. We are a partner with you in your Kansas City property management needs – so having CPS on-call is like having your own employees, but without the overhead.

Professional appearance and a tenant-conscious approach. All our providers have met our highest standards of customer service and experience working with top Kansas City property management firms . Our team always call to schedule work according to the tenant’s schedule.  They always show up on time and dress professionally with IDs ready.  When the task is completed we ensure top notch clean up and a above standard Kansas City property management approach.

CPS is familiar with your needs, whether you have a single property, multiple-unit ownerships, or commercial properties. We understand you can’t be on-site all the time, so you can count on us to not only make solid recommendations when you become aware of specific improvements, but monitor the progress and give you progress reports that eliminate costly surprises. Post-completion reports keep you in the know and your tenants 100% satisfied.

When property-related concerns are part of your concern, CPS has the resources and expertise you can turn to. Not knowing your specific needs and not being responsive to your bottom-line is the last thing you want to face. Our history of working with all facets of the business in a true partnership relationship will give you the assurances you expect. Call us, and it’s always “One Call. All Done.”

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