Package of 2 Houses & Duplex Deal in Independence, MO


This is an investor’s dream! Package deal with 2 singles family homes and 1 duplex. The first photo shows the home that’s been zoned to accommodate the white duplex. This home has been recently updated, in great shape! It has 2 bedrooms and rented.

The duplex is 2 stories and vinyl siding which means maintenance free exterior! It is in superb condition. This property has storage units in basement and both units have been renovated. They are both 1 bedroom, dining, living and standard kitchen units. Both are modern and ready for rent once properties are sold!

The single home in the pictures that’s greenish in color has recently been painted and updated! It has 2 bedrooms, good sized kitchen, and house is in good condition. This home is currently rented as well.

$121,00 Total Price
Value between $131,000 – $135,000.

Potential Rent of $2,050 per month

  • Address: Independence, Missouri 
  • Price: Under Contract 
  • Phone Number: 1-816-645-1940