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Inspect a new property for problems before listing. Every new listing needs a little bit of nurturing and love that will translate into a faster home sale. You understand this because you know the expectations for properties, but how to get it done? You just need someone to swoop in and implement those “final touches” before you list the home. That’s why you want CPS as your “on call” resource. Our experts respond quickly, do the updates,  fixes fast, and according to your specifications.  We can assist you on your home sale from inspection to getting the property up to par.  Our team has your back.

Assist you in evaluating the best listing price. Our team know neighborhoods have personalities. You want your listing to be the most attractive on the block. We are experts in recommending the latest “hot list” of structural fixes and add on that add market value. Call us to do a walk-through, and our experts will advice you about the ones that will have the best cost to benefit ratio so you can get the most out of your home sale.

When property-related concerns are part of your concerns, CPS has the resources and expertise you can turn to. Not knowing your specific needs and not being responsive to your bottom-line is the last thing you want to face. Our history of working with all facets of the business in a true partnership relationship.  We will give you the assurances you expect. Call us, and it’s always “One call, done.”

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