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We handle ALL property related issues with confidence because our teams are experts in each various field and we are capable of handling issues you need solving. Our use of logistic management and modern technology to track each project ensures your specific project is completed on time and budget.


Our team of roofing experts is ready for your large scale roofing needs. CPS experts spend time to understand your roofing needs and implement the quality you want on-time and on-budget.

No matter if is a commercial property or a multi-unit property roofing project, we got your back.  Keep in mind our team also do Gutters both repair and replacement!

Make-Ready Cleaning

CPS has a history of working with property managers to revitalize multiple properties.

Our cleaning services go from top to bottom, ensuring that “wow” reaction from the next prospective tenant. For you, this means no delays from one tenant to the next, which maintains your rental income stream.

In addition to general cleaning, we go the extra step to provide carpet cleaning, hardwood floor or sheet-rock repair and many other need-to-get-right services.


Got a large scale paint job? No matter if it’s interior or exterior we have you covered.

Our team of experts is ready to tackle any large scale paint job. We ensure quality work and cleanliness! If you manage an apartment complex, retirement community, or commercial units give us a call!


If you have a large scale landscaping project we’ve got you covered. No matter if it’s mulching, planting, tree trimming, tree removal, etc. We get the job done right the first time.

Carpet Cleaning/Replacement

We know carpet, and we know the best and most-effective carpet cleaning methods for whatever type of carpet installed. Our recommendation for cleaning method is guided by our knowledge of carpet type, pad height/type, and sensitivity to the kind of furniture within the property, warranty considerations and even your own cleaning method preferences.

If hot-water extraction is needed, we’ll get it done quickly, while taking great care off all inside furniture. No short cuts here – we use safe/approved anti-bacterial solutions.

Steam cleaning may be right for some applications, but we also use the encapsulation dry cleaning method if that’s preferred and needed for the task.

Sometimes, cleaning regardless of method many not give you results you want and your tenants expect. CPS cleaning experts will give you the expert answer. If new carpet replacement is ultimately necessary, we’ll provide you with a competitive estimate.

Foundation Repair

With CPS, we again are the complete, top-to-bottom answer, for your foundation needs! We cover concrete and even asphalt repair.

No matter if your foundation repair issue is large or small we’ve got the team to meet your project needs.

Window Replacement

Water problems can be an issue when your windows are not up to par. Our team of experts are ready to replace your large scale window projects! We make window replacement hassle free for our customers.

Wood Rot

Finding wood rot on your property can be serious – and not knowing if termites or mold is involved. At CPS, we have the experience to perform inspections for termites and remediation solutions for both large and small-scale projects. Call on CPS experts for proper analysis and repair. Our goal is the same as yours:  fix or prevent mold issues completely.

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