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Turnkey Properties: The New Millennial Investment

Jay Dao, a 30-year-old engineer who lives in Santa Clara, California, felt priced out of the market in the Bay Area, so he turned to investing in more affordable regions and now owns properties in Chicago and Indianapolis. These are not properties owned in the traditional sense. These are turnkey properties, which allow him to own a home, while adding another revenue stream to his investment portfolio. This is the new way of investing; A real estate investment. More and more millennials are starting to turn to this as their way of investing.

Dao, who chronicles his adventures in real estate on the blog FIFighter.com says, “Turnkey investing is a much more passive form of real estate investing for busy professionals or investors who simply don’t want to put in that much work themselves, but still would like to own rental property.”

Let’s look at a few positives of Investing in Turn Key Properties, in general:

1. Unlike house-flipping that might require significant repairs to make a home livable, a turnkey investment is typically ready to rent the day it’s purchased.

2. It can also be used to dwell in for short-term use and then rent it out later on or live in one unit and rent out other unit or rooms. This works well with military folks like Mario Bonifacio, age
34. Bonifacio says, “I figured out that the best way to take advantage of high rent and low real estate prices wasn’t just to own a home to live in; it was to own a building with enough units to rent out to others.”

3. You are still building equity while bringing in some extra revenue.

Looking at investing in turnkey properties in Kansas City?

As a Complete Property Service, helping investors with turnkey properties in Kansas City, we want to make sure and help you gain the knowledge that you need to know how to invest and what area specifically in the Kansas City area is right for you. We know getting a good ROI (return on investment) is the most important when looking to invest. Also, getting a good property that can be flipped later, if needed, is important as well.

See the following tips for looking to invest in turnkey properties in Kansas City:
As an Investor, you need to identify where you plan to purchase property and then contact a company to get a properties packet listing the available homes in that area. An investor should do due diligence and actually visit the area, properties and the turnkey company itself.

Once you find and vet a property, you can either enter into negotiations with the turnkey company or move straight into the closing process. Having a Company that knows the area you are looking to invest in, that can help you make the right choices, and get you through the process, is definitely worthwhile.

Questions? We’re available. Check us out at reipropertieskc.com.

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