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CPS cleans and provides rental updates for management companies, property owners and associations.  Give us a call if your property is vacant, needs to be cleaned, updated, or repaired before the next tenant move in. Our cleaners will have the unit expertly cleaned and move in ready.



Our team of experts are ready to tackle any interior or exterior paint job. We ensure quality work and cleanliness! If you manage an apartment complex, retirement community, or commercial units give CPS a call!



At CPS, we know carpet, and we know the best and most-effective carpet cleaning methods. Our recommendation for a cleaning method is guided by our knowledge of carpet type, and sensitivity to the kind of furniture within the property, warranty considerations, and your own cleaning method preferences.
If hot-water extraction is needed, we’ll get it done quickly, while taking great care of all inside furniture. We use safe/approved anti-bacterial solutions.
Steam cleaning may be right for some applications, but we also use the encapsulation dry cleaning method if that’s preferred and needed for the task.
Sometimes, cleaning regardless of the method may not give you the results you want. CPS cleaning experts will give you the right answer. If new carpet replacement is ultimately necessary, we’ll provide you with a competitive estimate.



CPS expertly tiles kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, etc. We design spaces, lay down the tile efficiently and evenly, and expertly grout. If you want to give your home a quick update call CPS today!


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