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Winter Tree Removal Comes With Several Benefits

In the winter, things take on a different feel around here in Wichita. There’s always the possibility of snow in the colder months, and nature seems to slow down a bit. In addition to being a peaceful, quieter season, winter is actually a great time to remove trees from your property.

Easier Access

When the trees have lost their leaves, our team at Complete Tree Service has an easier time getting in between the branches. Our equipment is much less likely to get tied up when all the bare branches are exposed. Additionally, we can have a clearer picture of what strategy to take when removing a tree. Often, we take down trees in sections since this can be a much safer approach when working in Wichita neighborhoods. Without the leaves interfering with our work, we can get things done very efficiently.

Less to Clean Up

When you have us remove trees for you, we’ll also be prepared to clean up after ourselves and remove the tree remnants from your property. Not having to deal with leaves makes cleaning up a much more straightforward process.

Less Risk to Your Landscaping

The ground around here can freeze during cold spells, and this is actually a good thing when it comes to tree removal. That’s because tree removal typically involves a lot of heavy equipment. When we drive onto properties with our big trucks and machinery, it unfortunately can alter the landscaping, creating divots in certain spaces. Falling branches can also create indentations in the ground. In the winter, though, the ground is much more hardy. Damage is much less likely to occur when the temperatures have dropped.

Flexible Availability

Tree removal is a serious business that comes along with many safety risks. It’s important that you reach out to a professional that can take care of the job the right way. In the winter, there may be greater appointment availability since this is typically a slower season in the industry.

Prepare for Storms

Big storms are to be expected in the winter here in Wichita. If there are any trees that may have damage or decay, they’re the ones that are more likely to topple over. Strong winds could take them down, and so could the weight from snow or ice. When they come down unexpectedly, it can be a dangerous situation, in addition to being an expensive one. To prevent this from happening, you can be proactive about pruning. Having damaged or structurally vulnerable areas removed can strengthen the overall tree and make it less likely to fall over during a storm.

Ready to Work Hard for You

At Complete Tree Service, we enjoy helping people in our community take care of their properties. Please reach out with any questions and call if you’d like to schedule an appointment.

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