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Commercial Service

The trees on your commercial property provide added beauty and shade while increasing the property value. However, a certain level of care must be met for the trees to be an asset rather than a drawback. The tree experts at Complete Tree Services offer decades of experience providing the essential care that will extend the life of your trees and prevent costly storm damage that could pose a safety hazard to any clients, guests, or tenants of the property as well as the structures. Call (316) 444-4713 to request a free estimate for all your commercial tree services in Wichita.

Commercial Tree Trimming And Pruning In Wichita

As a fully licensed and insured Wichita commercial tree care expert, Complete Tree Services is the perfect partner to keep your trees healthy and looking great. Professional trimming and pruning trees on your commercial property are essential and offer several significant benefits, including:

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Our commercial tree care professionals are licensed and experienced. Contact our team today to schedule your service estimate.

Commercial Tree Removal

When a tree on your commercial property is dead or dying, there is a significant increase in the potential of it falling and damaging the property or hurting someone. So it is vital that you have a commercial tree service that will respond promptly when you need tree removal service. At Complete Tree Services, we understand the risks that an unhealthy or dead tree poses. Therefore, we will quickly provide a price quote for the tree removal and arrive as soon as possible after your acceptance of the estimate to remove the tree and any potential safety risks that it could impose on your commercial property.

Once the tree is removed, our team will remove all wood and debris. In addition, we will broom clean the area to ensure that there are no hazards on walkways or in the property’s parking areas. Our job is not complete until the property is clean and safe for your tenants, customers, and employees.

Commercial Storm Preparation And Clean-Up

Tree trimming and regular professional services are vital to preventing costly and potentially damaging storm damage. At Complete Tree Services, we specialize in trimming and pruning to reduce the possibility of damage during a storm or high wind. Our experts remove broken or dead branches, thin the canopy, and trim weight from the ends of branches that can be hazardous in bad weather. The small amount that you invest in preventative tree care will undoubtedly save you substantial money on damage to the property and storm damage clean-up.

If the trees on your property have not been pruned and suffer storm damage, call (316) 444-4713 for fast and affordable storm damage clean-up service. We know that branches and fallen trees pose a significant safety hazard at your property, and we will remove that hazard quickly and completely. We always provide a free estimate and strive to deliver the highest quality service at the most reasonable prices in the region.

Why Choose Complete Tree Services

You have several choices for tree service in the Wichita area. However, when you want the most professional and dependable tree care in the area, Complete Tree Services is the team to pick. Our licensed and insured tree experts collectively offer decades of experience in all facets of tree care. We understand the value and importance of the trees on your commercial property and their appearance. And we are here to meet all your commercial tree service needs at a price that fits your budget.