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Storm Services in Wichita

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Are you looking to prepare your trees for a storm? Or has the climate caused damage to your trees and home? Contact our team of licensed professionals today to schedule a service estimate.


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Storm Preparation & Clean up in Wichita

The South-Central Kansas region sees its share of storms throughout the year. And property owners learn very quickly that having their trees professionally trimmed is the best way to avoid calling (316) 444-4713 for Wichita storm damage tree service or, even worse, storm damage tree removal in Wichita. To help the community avoid this damage to their trees and property, Complete Tree Services specialized in affordable Wichita storm damage prevention trimming and pruning services.

For well over a decade, our highly trained experts have been the team to call for:

We understand how much you appreciate the mature trees on your property, so call (316) 444-4713 and know that professional tree care is an intelligent investment to prevent costly tree damage.

Storm Damage Clean-Up

When you look outside after a storm and see tree branches littering the property or a tree that has fallen or lost a large branch, (316) 444-4713 is the number to call for expert Wichita storm damage clean-up. Our professionals will remove any hazardous broken branches hanging from the trees, fallen branches, and debris scattered on the ground. We are also more than happy to provide you with a price quote to thin canopies or remove dead wood to prevent damage during future storms.

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For professional and reliable storm preparation and clean up in Wichita, contact us today!

Wichita Storm Damage Tree Removal

When a tree falls during a storm, it can be very unsettling. Hopefully, the tree lands in an open space and causes no damage to your home, commercial building, or other structures. The Complete Tree Services team will respond as quickly as possible when you call (316) 444-4713 to provide a free estimate to remove the tree and stump from your property.

We are fully licensed and insured to perform routine tree trimming, pruning, and removal. And our staff will make every effort to remove a downed tree without further damage to your property. Our experience and years of working with fallen trees in the community allow us to quickly and safely remove the fallen tree and clean up the area to leave your property safe and free of hazardous tree debris.

Preventing Storm Damage To Your Trees

Seeing a mature tree with severe storm damage is very disheartening. In most cases, the tree will never be stable and visually pleasing again because the damage has destroyed decades of slow growth. So property owners must focus on preventing nature’s costly and destructive occurrence. The most crucial step in preventing storm damage to your trees and possibly damage to building on your property is professional tree service from the pros at Complete Tree Services.

Our staff is trained to locate and remove or correct issues in the structure of your trees that could lead to significant damage when a storm or high wind blows into the region. Some of the items that we focus on include:

Call (316) 444-4713 when you need emergency Wichita storm damage clean-up or storm damage tree removal. Our staff will provide you with a very competitive free estimate for the project and arrive quickly to complete the work when you accept our proposal. Please never risk your safety trying to manage the clean-up or storm damage or a fallen tree. Instead, call the pros at Complete Tree Services and know that our licensed and insured pros will get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.