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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Most property owners have been misinformed and believe that the trees on their property require little trimming and pruning. These services are only necessary to enhance the visual appeal of the trees rather than providing any genuine health benefits. However, that is far from the truth. The Complete Tree Services experts want consumers to know that when young trees are not property thinned and pruned, they tend to grow into unhealthy, unstable mature trees that pose a safety hazard. So it is vital to understand what the terms trimming and pruning mean and how they will benefit the trees on your property and increase their overall value;

Wichita Tree Trimming

Tree trimming refers to the regular care needed to maintain the visual appeal of trees. It perfects the natural growth habit or shape of the tree canopy to create a beautiful addition to your landscape. It also includes the removal of small branches to promote healthier growth patterns for the branches and overall canopy.

Wichita Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a more in-depth process involving the removal of dead or poorly shaped branches. Branches that grow downward or are rubbing or pushing against other branches pose a risk to the health and stability of the tree as it grows. Trees that did not have proper care when young can require significant pruning to return to a healthy growth shape and habit.

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The Added Value Of A Professional Tree Trimming Company In Wichita

Anyone with a saw can cut a broken branch off of a tree. However, it takes years of training and hands-on experience to perfect the skills needed to properly trim and prune trees for increased health and beauty. For well over a decade, the Complete Tree Services team has provided the community with a reliable resource for all their tree service needs, including trimming and pruning. Customers who call (316) 444-4713 to schedule trimming and pruning service with the Complete Tree Services pros appreciate the many benefits of using professional tree service providers, including:

Spend A Little To Save A Lot With Professional Tree Care

Unfortunately, many property owners wait until there is a significant issue to call (316) 444-4713 for assistance from the Complete Tree Services experts. Typically, the damage to the tree is substantial enough that even corrective pruning cannot restore the tree’s stability and safety after storm or wind damage. And the result is tree removal.

However, the cost of regular tree trimming and pruning every year or two could have avoided the more costly tree removal and stump grinding fees. In addition, the property would still benefit from the shade and beauty of the tree. Investing a small amount in professional Wichita tree trimming is the best way to avoid damage to your trees and property that can occur during storms.

At Complete Tree Services, our staff is passionate about helping customers enhance the beauty of their properties with majestic and valuable mature trees. For continued care and trimming, call (316) 444-4713 for an appointment. In addition, we are equally excited to help you increase the value of your property through corrective Wichita tree pruning to increase the tree’s life expectancy and safety of your property. We are the tree trimming company in Wichita that offers the most punctual and professional service at affordable prices.