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Top Reasons to Have Dead Trees Removed From Your Yard

Trees are some of the most desired features that homeowners values on their property. They not only help to showcase boundary lines, but they create necessary shade during the hot summer months in Wichita, KS. However, when you notice that you have a dead tree or two, it’s best to get them removed quickly.

They Could Fall

Probably the most obvious reason that you should have a dead tree removed from your property is that it has the potential to fall. You don’t want that tree dropping onto your home, shed, car or other possessions. Even if the tree won’t take out any of the objects on your property, it can cause massive damage to your lawn and cost a fortune to clean up.

They’re Unattractive

While having living trees on your property can be a great way to boost its value, dead trees have the reverse effect. Not only are they a liability, but they’re also unpleasant to look at. If you take pride in your home’s landscaping, you don’t want to have dead trees creating an eyesore on your property. Complete Property Tree Service can help remove any dead trees from your land.

They Could Damage Other Trees

Unless you’re a licensed arborist, it’s highly likely that you’re not overly knowledgeable about tree diseases. One crucial fact to know about many tree diseases is that they are contagious. If you let a dead tree stand in your yard, its disease could spread through mold and mildew to other trees. Before you know it, the rest of your trees might start to die as well.

They Can Attract Unwanted Pests

Another big reason that it’s best to remove a dead tree from your home is that it can attract unwanted pests. Carpenter ants, termites and other wood-boring insects can set up shop in your dead tree. It doesn’t take long for these pests to multiply into a high level of infestation. When you have pest infestations, they could end up traveling to your home to find food.

It’s Cheaper to Fix the Problem Earlier

When you schedule an appointment to have your dead tree removed before it naturally falls down, it’s probably going to be cheaper. Dead trees can damage other objects below. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for arborists to spend more time removing the remains of a dead tree that has fallen as opposed to a dead tree that is still standing. You don’t want to wait and end up with a larger tree removal bill once it has fallen on the ground.

Dead trees are not something that you want to have cluttering your yard. If you have a dead tree or two, it’s time to contact the experts at Complete Property Tree Service today at 316-444-4713 to get them safely removed!

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