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Mangled tree after a tornado came through

4 Reasons to Let the Pros Clean Up After a Storm

In Wichita, KS, spring is just around the corner, and it will soon be time to remove debris that has accumulated in your yard over the winter. Cleaning your property after a storm or even a long winter is not a DIY job. It takes the proper tools and experience to do it right, and professionals can haul away the debris. Here are four reasons to let professionals handle your storm cleanup.

1. Fast and Convenient

It depends on the size of your yard and the amount of damage and debris you have, but whatever is needed, a pro can do it quickly. This is convenient for you because you don’t even have to be home, let alone participate. Before the work starts, you will get an assessment of the job. The professionals will get your home will be back to normal in no time.

2. Safe and Efficient

Trimming soggy tree branches and dealing with power lines is not child’s play. Amateurs can be electrocuted and have branches drop on them because they don’t understand trees and how they grow. Pros have the equipment to remove broken branches without disturbing the power lines, fences, and your house or other buildings.

3. Tree Inspection

Along with cleaning up fallen debris and removing soggy or broken branches, pros can give you an assessment of the remaining trees on your property. Insects and other pests can seriously weaken trees, and you won’t even see the damage until a branch falls. Pros can examine your trees to see if pests, rot, or other hazards are affecting them. They can give you a damage report for all the trees on your property, so you can feel confident that your yard is a safe place.

4. What to Save and What to Discard

As mentioned above, some damage cannot be seen until it is too late. A professional from Complete Property Tree Service in Wichita will know what trees or parts of trees are healthy enough to be saved and which should be removed. Trees, especially large ones, add value to your property, but they need to be healthy and well-trimmed to be safe.

Some people are so attached to certain trees on their property that they don’t want them to be trimmed or removed. This attitude can be very dangerous if the tree is rotting or damaged by weather. It is better to have each tree analyzed by a pro before deciding to keep it.

In Wichita, even mild storms can leave behind damaged trees and fallen debris, and these days, the storms are anything but mild. Whether you want to prepare your trees for a coming storm or clean up after a storm, your best option is to call a professional who will take care of all the cleanup and make sure the remaining trees are strong and healthy. Contact our team at Complete Property Tree Service for more information.

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