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How Far Should a Tree Be From Your House?

The rule of thumb when it comes to how close a tree should be to your house is about 6 feet if the tree is small and at least 20 feet if it’s going to be a large tree. The trick to this is to know the tree’s species and how big it is going to become when you buy it as a sapling. Not only this, but you’ll also need to know the tree’s eventual habit, or form. Will its habit be pyramidal, round, spreading, or columnar?

Trees whose crowns don’t spread, such as Lombardy poplars, might be able to be planted a bit closer to the house, but you’ll still need to keep the tree’s roots in mind as well. A tree’s roots can spread as much as three times the width and depth of its crown, and if the tree is planted too close to the house, the roots may interfere with the foundation. Fixing a foundation that’s been compromised by tree roots is one of the more expensive repairs you may need for your home.

What Can Happen If the Tree Is Too Close?

Unfortunately, a number of unwanted things can happen if a tree, especially a large one, is planted too close to the house. The roots can interfere with the foundation, and rootlets can infiltrate your underground drains. This is especially problematic if you have water-loving trees such as willows. Sometimes the tiny rootlets are so extensive that they fill the drain completely and eventually cause it to crack. This leads to an expensive repair.

Other problems caused by trees that are too close include damage to the house. Damage can be caused just by the leaves brushing against roof shingles. In high winds or storms, a branch can fall off and also cause damage to the roof and the house’s siding. A strong wind can even cause a tossing branch to break a window or two.

Though Wichita, Kansas doesn’t get much in the way of hurricanes, derechos and severe thunderstorms are notorious for pushing over trees, especially those that are already old or sick. This will not only cause serious damage to the structure of the house, but it also endangers anyone who’s inside.

Clogged gutters are another issue. Even evergreen trees shed their leaves or needles now and then, and these can accumulate in your gutters and clog them. Eventually, a gutter may become so full of leaf and twig debris and stagnant water that it detaches from the house.

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