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Tree Pruning Can Actually Save You Money

Tree pruning might not seem like a necessary task to some people. After all, trees can grow on their own, and they seem to be able to withstand a lot. If you’ve ever had to deal with fallen branches damaging property or have witnessed an entire tree falling down, you might be singing a different tune. Trees can potentially cause many issues, and it can be expensive to deal with this aftermath. Having an entire tree removed can also be costly. Scheduling periodic tree care can reduce the chances of a problematic situation arising.

What Tree Pruning Involves

In the Wichita area, a variety of trees — American elm, honey locust, black walnut, silver maple — add beauty to the neighborhoods, provide shade and shelter, and contribute to the ecosystem. To keep our trees healthy and strong, it’s important to have them cared for. When we prune trees for our local clients, we look for branches that need to be removed. They may be dead or damaged, or they may be growing in the wrong direction. If so, they could possibly impede the overall growth of the tree, or they could be pushing towards wires or other structures that could use some space. We also prune to help shape a tree and encourage it to develop a strong structure. Too much undergrowth can be unhealthy and stifle growth. It’s recommended that many types of trees that grow here in Kansas be pruned every few years. Ornamental trees may require more frequent attention.

What If You Ignore Tree Care?

If you don’t have your trees pruned, you might not see any immediate effects. However, when a problem comes up, you’ll be sure to know. A tree that is unhealthy is vulnerable and could fall over or lose its branches. While this could happen at any time, it’s more likely to occur when we’re experiencing severe weather. It could happen during one of our occasional thunderstorms. Alternatively, the snowy and icy weather that comes with winter could also bring down trees. Having an entire tree cleaned up and removed from your property can be very expensive, and further, you could be faced with significant bills if that tree has damaged any part of your home, another structure, or a vehicle. The worst-case scenario would be if a person got injured, which is a possibility. In addition, if someone outside of your household is injured or has property damage resulting from one of your trees or branches falling, you could be on the hook for their bills.

Better to Be Safe

The potential costs of not taking care of your trees can be quite high. That’s why it’s a smart idea to have your trees periodically pruned so that they can thrive and stay healthy as long as possible. Call Complete Tree Service to schedule a tree pruning service at your Wichita residence.

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