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Ways Your Trees Save You Money

The climate of Wichita, KS makes it possible for many species of trees to thrive, from elms, cottonwoods, and oaks to sycamores and black walnuts. These trees have intrinsic beauty, but planting them around your home can even save you money. Here are some ways.

Trees Save Money on Energy Bills

A shade tree isn’t just lovely to sit under on a hot day. It can also prevent sunlight from coming directly into the house during the summer, warming it up and making you crank up the air conditioning. This leads to higher utility bills. Arborists recommend placing your shade trees on the northwest, east and west sides of your house.

Trees also serve as windbreaks, especially evergreens such as yews that don’t shed their needles all at once. Winter winds can make your house uncomfortably cool, which forces you to crank up the heat. Trees planted as windbreaks are especially helpful if they’re planted on the north and northwest sides of your house.

Deciduous trees that shade and cool your home in the summer help heat it in the winter when they lose their leaves. This allows sunlight to flood into your windows and warm the rooms a bit.

Trees Increase the Value of Your Home

Real estate agents have always known that a property with well-tended trees and shrubs sells faster and for more money than one without. Mature and healthy trees can add between 3.5% and 15% to the value of your home. This can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Consider this if you are ever thinking of selling your property.

They Reduce the Risk of Soil Erosion and Flooding

The costs of severe soil erosion and flooding can be incalculable. If these natural disasters are bad enough, you may not be able to live in your home. Trees reduce the risk of soil erosion and flooding because their roots take in rainwater, much like sponges. The leaves and needles of your trees even break the fall of raindrops in a storm. This prevents rain from washing the soil away when it hits the ground.

Contact Local Experts to Learn More About Your Trees

Our professional arborists at My Complete Tree have been happy to serve both residential and commercial customers since 2007. We’re very knowledge when it comes to our customers’ tree species, and we pride ourselves on our skills, courtesy, and overall customer service. Besides giving our clients pointers on how best to care for their trees, we also provide tree removal when a tree is dead, sick, damaged, or in a dangerous place. Wichita is unfortunately in a zone where tornadoes occur, so we furnish storm services, including preparation and cleanup. Some of our customers are nervous about trimming and pruning their trees, so we happily do that as well. Call My Complete Tree today to keep your trees healthy and safe.

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