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Here Are the Trees You Should Trim During Late Fall

Many Wichita, KS homeowners have lots of trees on their property. These trees must be cared for all year long in order to continue to remain healthy and look their best. One of the easiest ways to keep your trees in shape is to trim each tree in your home properly. There are certain trees that will do best if they are trimmed as fall starts to flow into winter.

Cedar Trees

Cedar trees are native to many parts of the world, and they are common in Wichita. In fact, many Wichita residents like these trees because they live for a long time. Once planted, a cedar tree can grow on your property for decades and even centuries. However, they can take a long time to reach their full maturity. You can help your own cedar trees reach their full height and thrive when you trim them well. The months of October and November are an excellent time to prepare your cedar trees for harsh Wichita, KS winters. Let our expert tree trimmers trim your cedar trees during these months.


Spruce trees are ideal for places that have a changing, four-season climate like Wichita, KS. Homeowners like them because they can grow as high as 150 feet. They offer lots of shade as well as nice views. Your spruce tree needs to have strong branches that can stand up once the snow starts falling. Trimming them later during the fall allows the tree to develop lots of thick woody pegs before the snow arrives.

Oak Trees

Oak trees come in many varieties. That makes it easy for homeowners to find the type of oak tree they like best. Planting oak trees encourages many kinds of wildlife to visit your yard, including blue jays, elk and deer. Later in the fall is an ideal time to make sure your oak trees are pruned correctly. Doing so helps them produce more acorns and grow hardier leaves.

Douglas Firs

Douglas fir trees are very strong trees, and they are widely used for many applications, including furniture. When planted on your property, the Douglas fir can reach over 250 feet. Our tree care experts recommend trimming these trees during the later part of the fall in order to provide additional room for them to keep growing. Removing excess branches that are no longer growing helps the tree grow taller and helps it remain stable once it has reached full growth.

Trees add lots of welcome shade and elegant color to your Wichita property. If you want them trimmed properly this fall, speak with our experts in tree care at Complete Tree Service.

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