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A suburban neighborhood sidewalk and street with colorful trees during autumn

These are the Trees You Should Plant This Fall

Fall is a chance for all Wichita, KS homeowners to have a good look at all parts of their property in great detail. This is also a good time to plant new trees. Planting trees during this time of the year has many benefits, including the easy establishment of supportive tree root systems and decreased exposure to dangerous high heat.


Evergreen trees are a good way to ensure your yard always has many types of trees. Planting pines when fall arrives allows the pine trees the time they need in order to prepare for the needles they grow next year. A pine tree for your Wichita, KS home is a good option if you want to add trees to your backyard and would like an option that grows quickly. A single tree can grow several feet in just a few short months. There are many types of pine trees available for the modern Wichita KS homeowner. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, consult with our arborists for expert advice about all trees on your property.


Maple trees are trees that have long been used by many Wichita homeowners to bring in rich color to their yards. These trees grow higher than many other trees. This allows them to provide lots of shade all year long. In order to reach their full height, a maple tree needs a lot of care and time to get a strong root system in the ground. That’s why it’s a good idea to plant any maple trees in the fall. This allows the tree enough time to get used to the brisk, four-season Kansas climate and prepare to bloom during the spring and summer.

Spruce Trees

Spruce trees are a good choice if you want to plant trees and you like to see fast growth. Spruce trees tend to do well even in poor soil conditions. They also do just fine when the weather in Wichita, KS turns cold. These are trees that like being planted when fall arrives. That allows the tree enough time to get established in the soil and cope well once the summer heat arrives.

Bald Cypress

The Bald Cypress is one tree that is ideal to add to your property if you love trees with lots of colors as well as trees that tend to change a lot with the seasons. During the fall, the tree has a blaze of intense russet color. The dark bark stands out during the snowy winters, which are common in Wichita. Plant it now, and enjoy it for the rest of the year.

Autumn is a good time to get in new trees. Speak with our experts at My Complete Tree for help with your fall tree-planting needs right now.

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