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4 Signs Tree Removal Is Necessary

The spring winds of Wichita, KS can be strong enough to topple trees that are damaged, diseased, or dying, often causing injuries and property damage when they fall. Tree removal is typically used as a last resort when there are no good options for saving the tree. If you are experiencing any of the following issues with your trees, professional tree removal may be the best choice to keep you, your family, and your property safe.

1. The Tree Is Visibly Infected

There are many types of tree infections that warrant the tree being removed from the property. Some common signs of infection include discolored leaves, fungal growth, cracks in the bark, and soft wood that crumbles when touched. An infected tree can spread its disease to other trees in the area if it is not removed correctly using the proper precautions. The pros at Complete Tree Service can diagnose the problem and recommend the best way to remove the tree.

2. More Than 50% of the Tree Is Dead

While it is common for a tree to have a couple of dead branches due to weather damage and other issues, when it’s more than 50% dead, it’s a major problem. When the majority of the tree is dead, trimming away the dead areas and trying to restore the tree to life may be a lost cause. Before the weakened tree falls on its own, it should be removed from the property.

3. There Are Large Hollows in the Trunk

While the thought of a family of squirrels or owls living in the hollow in your tree is a pleasant idea, the truth is that a tree with a hollow trunk is a seriously compromised tree. A hollow trunk does not supply the structure necessary to hold up the weight of the branches and leaves, leaving the tree at risk of breaking or falling with the slightest pressure. Any tree with a large hollow in its trunk should be inspected by a professional, so a plan can be made to shore up or remove the tree.

4. The Tree Begins to Lean

While a slight lean to a tree is not always an immediate sign of danger, it can be an indication that there is an issue with the tree roots that should be addressed. If the root structure is not sufficiently anchoring the tree into the ground, the tree could be at risk of falling completely with the next strong wind. Leaning trees should be professionally evaluated for health and structural stability.


A tree that is showing damage or decay does not always need to be removed, but knowing the signs will help you determine whether you need a professional opinion about the health of your trees in Wichita. The longer the tree is allowed to decay, the more dangerous it becomes. If you notice any of the above signs, contact our experts at Complete Tree Services to quickly get the information you need.

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