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Tree stump close up in a coniferuous forest

The Dangers of Old Tree Stumps

Many homes in Wichita, KS have a few tree stumps littering the ground. You might have a stump left behind after you cut down an old tree or a few that the builder took out before you bought the house. Though many homeowners assume that those stumps are safe to leave in place, some dangers will show you why you need to hire a local removal company to take care of them.


Do you like the idea of coming home to find a raccoon chilling on your front porch or rodents running through your living room? If you leave old tree stumps in your yard, you risk seeing rodents every time you step outside. Those stumps are the perfect size for squirrels and other animals that hibernate in the winter. Some animals will feel tempted by your house and may come inside for a warm spot to sleep or find food. Field mice and squirrels are common in Wichita and often live in old stumps.


As much as you love cooking with mushrooms, you won’t like seeing them grow wild in your yard. Mushrooms are a type of fungi and an invasive species. They can easily spread from one stump to other stumps around your yard and begin creeping around healthy and thriving trees. You risk the mushrooms growing up on the sides of the trees and taking away the nutrients that those trees need. If you grow apples and other native fruit trees, they may stop bearing fruit.


Tree stumps increase the risk that someone will have an accident in your yard. Even if you put up a sign or a marker to warn others about the stump, they can still trip over it. Kids often have accidents that lead to broken bones from falling over old tree stumps. With more than 100,000 kids living in Wichita, you need to remove the stumps to keep your own children and neighborhood kids safe. You may suffer an accident yourself if you mow the lawn and forget about the stump. Not only can you hurt yourself, but you risk causing damage to your mower.

Property Damage

Another reason to take care of tree stumps is to reduce property damage. Wichita homeowners spend thousands of dollars for insurance every year, which covers damage to their property. If you file a claim, you’ll find that your rate rises. Tree stumps can still have active roots that move through your yard. Those roots can break through your foundation and cause it to shift or attack the pipes in the ground.

With all of the dangers of old tree stumps, there’s no reason to keep them in your yard. Tree stump removal involves the removal of the full stump from your yard. You can make an appointment to remove just one stump or all of them in your yard. Contact My Complete Tree to book an appointment today if you live in Darby, Wichita, or one of our other service areas.

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