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How to Prepare Your Trees for Storm Season

Lively Wichita, KS has many things do. Home to fabulous places for the entire family like Tanganyika Wildlife Park and the Wichita Art Museum, it’s one place that will keep you busy all year long. If you make your home in this part of the country, you’ll want to prepare your trees for the start of the storm season well before it arrives.

Inspect Them Before the Storm Comes

In many cases, it’s obvious a storm is about to come along and pass over your property. You’re going to want to pay close attention to the local weather forecast to find out what’s happening at all times. It’s also useful to remember that tornado season in Kansas typically runs from March to June with a peak by May. April is the ideal time to prepare your trees in the event that they’re hit with fierce storms during this time.

Routine Pruning

Pruning is another useful tool you have on hand in order to keep your trees in the best shape possible. Pruning allows you to remove parts of the tree that aren’t functional. Taking off these parts gets rid of the tree’s dead weight and lets new growth take place. Good pruning means having the right kind of tools on hand before you begin the process. A pair of well-sharpened pruning shears and comfortable gloves to protect your hands are vitally important.

Leave Room for Growth

Trees can easily grow too close to each other. You don’t want trees to not have enough room to grow. Trees should also be kept away from potential hazards on your property or next to it. Trees can be removed to a safer place with the help of an arborist. All new trees will need ample room to grow. Make sure your new plantings are at least 10 feet from each other before you plant them. That way, if some tree branches fall, they won’t bring others down with them.

Dispose of All Debris Properly

Debris of all kinds can easily cause problems. Make sure that it is removed from your property before the storm season starts. Stray branches might have fallen down. The same is true of any other obstacles you might notice in your path as you inspect the area. Once the season starts, it’s important to walk across all areas of your property in the aftermath. You’ll want to clear away any fallen branches and make sure the paths are clear so no further damage can happen.

If you’re in need of tree services in Wichita, KS, the experts at My Complete Tree have all the services you need to get done. They’ll keep your home and place of business in perfect working order.

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