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Top Reasons Tree Trimming Can Make Trees Stronger

Bigger trees are visually appealing, but their ability to remain healthy isn’t great. Due to their size, large trees have greater difficulty getting the required nutrients. The good news is that there is an effective solution. You can make a difference by trimming problematic branches.  

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have an idea of which branches to start cutting. We’ll gladly lend you a helping hand at your home. After we complete the job, the trees on your property will do a better job of surviving the harsh winters in Wichita.

Help the Tree Get Better Exposure to Sunlight

Trees grow and die at different rates. The biggest contributing factor is the amount of sunlight they receive. How many leaves they have isn’t as important. Therefore, the goal is to make sure the photosynthesis process isn’t hindered. Sunlight needs to shine on as many leaves as possible, so dead and overgrown branches are doing more harm than good because they’re preventing live branches from getting an adequate supply of nutrients.

Transform the Canopy

When a tree is trimmed, its characteristics immediately change. The canopy grows in a different way. As you might already know, trees produce energy and food with their leaves. The photosynthesis process won’t be negatively affected by good trimming work, but improper cuts will have a negative impact on the way your tree grows. 

The sooner we prune overgrowth, the healthier the tree will become. Keep in mind that the most advantageous canopies allow sunlight and air to reach the tree. Experienced arborists like us possess the skills to create an attractive canopy that helps the tree in a major way.

Strengthen Tree Roots

Pruning the active parts of a tree will impact its root system on some level. With fewer live branches, the tree will have greater difficulty sustaining itself. That’s why topping trees isn’t one of our pruning methods. Without question, professionally trimmed trees have more productive roots. Also, the roots do a better job of supplying the tree with sufficient water because they become increasingly efficient.

Minimize the Risk of a Problem Spreading

During the trimming job, it’s a lot easier to detect any diseases that might be plaguing the trees. You can rest assured that early detection of problems gives you the best chance to save the trees in question. 

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Now that you have all this information in mind, you know that tree pruning serves a variety of useful purposes. One of them is to ensure optimal tree health. Whether you’re a resident of Wichita or Derby, we want to trim your trees for you. Don’t hesitate to call My Complete Tree today to tell us about your pruning needs.

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