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Signs Your Trees Need Professional Pruning

Having your trees pruned can increase their visual appeal, but that isn’t the only reason to have your trees pruned. Pruning will help ensure your tree grows healthy and strong. Branches that grow downward or rub against other branches can damage your tree and make it more likely to fall down. Professional attention will keep your trees looking great and staying healthy. Here are some signs you need a tree pruning.

Damaged Branches or Bark

Damage to the tree is the biggest sign your tree needs a good prune. If you notice a lot of fallen or damaged branches after a storm, your tree needs to be pruned. Look for bowing, cracks, or dead branches. These can also be signs of disease. A professional can help tell the difference and safely remove any damaged or diseased branches.

Poor Branch Growth

Branch growth is incredibly important for the health and stability of your tree. If the branches grow unevenly, cross over each other, or end up on buildings or power lines, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Crossed branches can rub against one another and cause damage that can lead to pests and disease. If branches grow unevenly, it can unbalance your tree and leave it more likely to fall over in a storm. Anyone who has lived in Wichita, KS, for any length of time has seen branches broken in storms. Finally, branches on buildings or power lines are a major hazard that needs to be taken care of immediately.

Regular pruning can help prevent all of these problems. For deciduous trees in Wichita, you may only need a mature tree trimmed every few years. Young trees and fruit trees need yearly pruning to remain healthy.

Dense or Excessive Growth

Trees planted for landscaping don’t need to compete for light and nutrients like they would in a forest. This means they can grow much faster than you would expect. They may also end up so dense that nothing nearby can get any light.

Young trees may grow both up and out without any competition. Your tree may end up being too tall for your taste or grow out and take up more space than expected. Trees that grow outwards may also end up with heavy branches that risk breaking and causing damage or injuries.

Dense growth is another problem. While you may like the shade once summer arrives, any plants in the tree’s shadow may end up withering away. Dense branches are also more likely to break during a storm and injure the tree. Pruning these back takes skill to make sure the tree stays healthy.

When you’re ready to have your tree pruned, trust our professionals at Complete Property Tree Service. Winter is the best time to prune your trees, so don’t delay.

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