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Some Tree Planting Tips

It is tempting to see a beautiful tree at a botanical garden and decide that you must have one for your own property. But there are some things to consider before you buy a tree to plant, enjoy and even pass down through the generations. Here are some of them:

  • Pick the right tree
  • Pick the right location
  • Plant the right way
  • Plant at the right time

Find the Right Tree

Wichita is in hardiness zone 6B, and it is best for those trees that can flourish in that zone. Fortunately, this includes a great many species of tree. The climate of Wichita is considered humid subtropical, which means that the summers are hot and muggy and the winters are cold and dry, sometimes severely so. The good news is that many types of trees not only tolerate this sort of climate but thrive in it.

Soil and Location

The type of soil and where the tree is planted on your property go a long way in ensuring it has a long and healthy life. Some trees aren’t particular about the soil they are planted in, though most trees you’ll see like soil that is well drained. Many can do well in full sun to partial shade. Our arborists at Complete Tree can help you determine the best type of tree for the conditions around your property.

Plant the Right Way

You might have an instinct to plant a tree more deeply than it should be planted. However, you shouldn’t let soil cover the crown, which is the juncture where the roots meet the trunk of the tree. If you cover it up, it may rot. Also, if the tree has come in a burlap ball or a pot you may have to trim the roots a bit to free them up and keep them from girdling the tree, which will eventually kill it. Use a sharp, clean gardening knife for this.

Some gardeners add water to the hole even before they plant the tree, while others only water after the tree is planted. When the tree is finally planted and watered, firm the soil down with your hands, not your boots, to remove air pockets in the soil. Then, add a layer of mulch. Again, don’t let the mulch touch the crown.

Plant at the Right Time

The time of year you plant your tree will also impact its health. Hot Wichita summers are stressful for trees. Because of this, it is best to plant in early spring when the ground can be worked and the threat of frost is past. Planting in the fall may be even better.

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Wichita is a great city in which to live and work, whether your house has a view of the Wichita Botanical Gardens or you play rounds of golf at the MacDonald Golf Course. If you want a tree for your garden or yard, or if you have a tree that needs some help, don’t hesitate to call us at My Complete Tree today.

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