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Why You Must Never Remove Trees Yourself

During the strong storms in Wichita, KS, one or more trees may have been damaged on your property. These trees can potentially pose a danger to you or your family. If they are leaning towards your house, or they are at risk of damaging the power lines, it is important that you remove them. You may think that you can remove these trees yourself. However, DIY tree removal is strongly discouraged.

You Lack the Training and Expertise to Do the Job Safely

Licensed tree experts have a significant amount of training before entering the field. At minimum, licensed tree experts must obtain a degree related to the field, and then they must work under a certified tree expert as an apprentice anywhere from two to five years. Because licensed tree experts are highly trained, they are familiar with all sorts of tree species. They know the weight of the branches of each species of tree; thus, they can properly control how they fall when removing them from the tree. Sometimes, branches need to be removed first before the tree can be chopped down to minimize bodily injury or damage to property.

If you try to remove the tree yourself, you might assume that you can chop the entire thing down without needing to remove any branches first. If you assume you can just chop down the tree and you turn out to be wrong, you can cause damage to your property, your neighbor’s property, or the power lines. You can also cause injury to yourself or others around you. Even if you do understand that you need to remove some branches first before chopping down the tree, it is possible you can make the wrong assumption about their weight. You might believe that small branches are lightweight. Depending on the species of tree, some branches that appear small may pack a good punch. If you misjudge the weight of tree branches, you can potentially lose control of them when they fall, and this can lead to property damage or serious bodily harm.

Licensed Tree Experts Have Tools You Do Not Have

Licensed tree experts have a wide array of tools at their disposal to remove trees effectively and efficiently. In addition to the tools that are used to remove trees, there are also tools that licensed tree experts use to remain safe on the job. Safety tools include harnesses, hardhats, bucket trucks, and ropes. Not to mention, licensed tree experts know how to set up a parameter around their workspace to avoid potentially serious or fatal injuries or significant property damage.

If you notice any trees on your property that can potentially cause a danger to you or your family, contact My Complete Tree immediately for help. Our highly trained tree experts know what it takes to remove trees safely and quickly. We provide top-notch service to residential and business clients in Wichita, KS and the surrounding areas, and we are eager to do the same for you.

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