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In a clearing in Sherwood Forest stands an ancient oak tree. Its thick trunk has split and the tree now leans to the right.

Why You Should Have Your Trees Assessed After a Strong Storm

The major weather events that are common during the summer in Wichita, KS can damage trees to the point that they need professional tree care to keep them alive. The injuries to the tree may not be readily apparent to the naked eye, but the trained tree care specialists at Complete Tree Service can spot potential issues and help you come up with a plan to save your trees. Here are some of the reasons why trees need professional care after strong storms and other significant weather events.

Broken Limbs

Strong storms often result in broken tree limbs that can cause numerous problems for the tree. While some broken tree limbs can be saved, many must be removed to preserve the health of the tree and the safety of you and your family. Removing broken limbs can be a complicated and dangerous task that requires the use of specialized tools and equipment, so it is best to leave the job to professionally trained tree care experts.

Damaged Bark

The bark of the tree forms a thick protective skin over the delicate inner layers of the tree that are responsible for the tree’s survival. When the bark is damaged by a major weather event, it leaves the tree susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections that can be difficult to control. Some cases can be resolved with liberal applications of the proper treatments, while severe cases may require the complete removal of the tree. A professional assessment by the pros at Complete Tree Service will identify any bark areas that may pose a problem so that corrective action can be taken.

Pest Infestations

Damaged trees are a favorite place for many different types of pests to call home. Insects and animals can quickly move into the damaged areas and set up nests that can pose a danger to the health and safety to anyone in the area. Infestations also tend to spread to other trees in the area, so it is best to tackle the issue fast before it can become worse.


If a major weather event has affected the trees in your area, quick action may be needed to give any trees that have been damaged a chance to survive. The tree care specialists at Complete Tree Service can provide a professional assessment of the trees on your property and create a tree care plan that will keep them healthy and beautiful. If you would like to know more about treating storm damaged trees, give us a call today!

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