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4 Tips That Help You Plant Trees Properly

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your outdoor space, introducing new trees to the area can be an attractive option. Depending on the types of trees you choose, you can increase shade, attract birds and butterflies, and even grow fruit in your backyard. When adding trees to your space, it is important to plant them properly to ensure that they stay alive and thrive. Following these four tree planting tips will give your new trees the best start.

Make the Right Tree Choices

The trees that you choose for planting should be ones that can flourish in your area. For Wichita, KS, potential tree choices include hackberry, sugarberry, basswood, and several types of oak trees. Before deciding, you should research the pros and cons of the trees you are considering. Local tree care services like Complete Tree Service can help you determine the best choices for your particular location.

Assess the Space as If the Tree Was Grown

When deciding where to plant your new trees, look at the space as if the trees were fully grown. Figure out where the shade will fall, where the roots will go, and how far away from the home the mature tree will be. Assessing the space with the fully grown tree in mind will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Have Underground Utility Lines Marked Before You Dig

It is important to know where your underground utility lines are before you start digging in your yard to plant your new trees. Hitting one of these lines while digging can cause numerous problems, including knocking out neighborhood electricity, releasing dangerous gasses, and causing serious injuries. The government has established 811 as a nationwide number you can call to have your underground utility lines marked for free before you begin your project.

Choose Your Depth Carefully

The depth of your new plantings is very important to the success of your trees. The trees should be planted deep enough that their roots will not be exposed above the ground but not so deep that the roots cannot get the oxygen they need to get established. A good rule of thumb to follow is to plant the tree deep enough that the trunk flare above the root system ends up roughly an inch above the surface of the soil.

Adding trees to your space is a great way to enhance privacy and improve the appearance of your yard. There is a good chance that you will be living with your new trees for a long time, so it is important to choose carefully and make sure you give them their best chance at success. For more tree planting tips, contact the pros at Complete Tree Service today!

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