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4 Ways Trees Benefit From Trimming

The trees in Wichita, KS can grow at an astounding rate in the spring as mild weather and abundant moisture provide the perfect climate for their growth. Before they get out of control, your trees should be trimmed properly so they will look good and remain healthy throughout the year. Here are four of the ways that the health of your trees will benefit from regular trimming and pruning.

1. Removes Damaged or Diseased Branches

During the trimming process, the tree is inspected for any damaged or diseased branches that should be removed to preserve its health. These inspections may reveal pest infestations, weather damage, tree disease infections, and other issues that could kill the tree over time. Finding any branches affected by these issues during a routine inspection increases the reasons that they should be removed before they dramatically affect the tree or harm the safety of the property owners.

2. Prevents the Development of Weak Branches

New branches develop in the spring, but some of these branches do not grow properly, have weak connections to the tree, or cross other branches to compete for space. Trimming away these weak branches lets the tree put its efforts into growing the branches that are strong, thereby improving the structure and appearance of the tree. Removing weak branches also increases the amount of light that the leaves in the interior of the canopy receive, letting the tree take greater advantage of photosynthesis.

3. Lessens Pressure on the Tree’s Root System

A tree is anchored into the ground by its root system, so if the top of the tree becomes too heavy, it can fall, ripping its roots out of the ground. Some trees also experience root loss over time, weakening their stability. Regular tree trimming will balance the branches to improve steadiness and to reduce the weight at the top of the tree, lower the amount of weight the roots must counterbalance.

4. Increases Flower and Fruit Production

Fruit trees are usually trimmed to let the center of the tree get more sunlight and air, which improves the health of the tree. Minimizing the number of branches also ensures that each branch gets more nutrients, which can increase the size and quantity of the fruit it gives. At Complete Tree Services, our pros are knowledgeable about a wide variety of flowering and fruiting trees and the best practices to care for them.


Regular trimming should be part of all tree and shrub maintenance programs for the many benefits it provides. To learn more about the tree trimming services offered by Complete Tree Services, contact us today! Our pros are ready to take care of all your tree trimming needs.

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